Algorithmic Model Theory 2012

February 16 & 17, Ilmenau

AlMoTh is an annual workshop, see here for further information. In 2012, it took place at the Technische Universität in Ilmenau.

Participants and talks


14:15 Isolde Adler On the planar disjoint paths problem
14:40 Jörg Flum On the ordered conjecture
15:05 Nicole Schweikardt A note on the expressive power of linear orders
15:30 Frederik Harwath Regular tree languages, cardinality predicates, and addition-invariant FO
15:55 coffee break
16:30 Martin Otto Tree unfoldings and their finite counterparts
16:55 Alexander Kartzow (Tree-) Automatic well-founded order trees have small ordinal ranks
17:20 Faried Abu Zaid All omega-automatic integral domains are finite
17:45 Daniel Kirsten Rank Logics over Empty Signatures: First Results
18:10 end of Thursday's scientific programme
9:00 Erich Grädel Model-Checking Games for Logics of Incomplete Information
9:25 Christoph Berkholz Lower bounds for existential k-pebble games
9:50 Wied Pakusa Definability of linear equation systems over groups and rings
10:15 Martin Lang Bounded reachability in recursive systems with resources
10:40 coffee break
11:10 Moritz Müller Refutation complexity of relativized spectra
11:35 Jean Christoph Jung The complexity of decomposing modal and first-order theories
12:00 Dominik D. Freydenberger   Descriptive generalization of subregular languages
12:25 Martin Grohe Where First-Order and Monadic Second-Order Logic Coincide
12:50 end of the scientific programme


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